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Lastest Update: 14th May 2024  中文版本 (Chinese Version)

Conference Paper

  • Poster: Hybrid Detection Mechanism for Spoofing Attacks in Bluetooth Low Energy Networks
    Hanlin Cai, Yuchen Fang, Jiacheng Huang, Meng Yuan, Zhezhuang Xu
    The 22nd ACM International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MobiSys 2024)
    Tokyo, Japan. June, 2024.

Thesis (FYP)


  • Detecting Multiple-mix-attack in IoT Networks through Reconstruction and Classification Machine Learning Techniques

  • Multi-objective Optimization Model Based on Human-Land Relationship Coupling: A Case Study of the Masai Mara National Reserve

Early Project

  • Securing Billion Bluetooth Devices leveraging Learning-based Techniques
    Final year project (FYP).
    Hanlin Cai (Advisors: Zhezhuang Xu, Tozammel Hossain)
    AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Undergraduate Consortium (AAAI 2024 UC)
    Vancouver, Canada. February, 2024.

  • Optimizing Traffic Sign Detection System Using Deep Residual Neural Networks Combined with Analytic Hierarchy Process Model
    Junior year course design, early project.
    Hanlin Cai, Zheng Li, Jiaqi Hu, Wei Hong Lim, Sew Sun Tiang, Mastaneh Mokayef, Chin Hong Wong
    The 28th International Conference on Artificial Life and Robotics (ICAROB 2023)
    Beppu, Japan. February, 2023.
    Recommended for expanding publication in the Journal of Advances in Artificial Life Robotics (EI Compendex).

  • An IoT Garbage Monitoring System for Effective Garbage Management
    Freshman course design, early project.
    Hanlin Cai, Jiaqi Hu, Zheng Li, Wei Hong Lim, Mastaneh Mokayef, Chin Hong Wong
    The 4th International Conference on Computer Engineering, Network and Intelligent Multimedia
    Surabaya, Indonesia. November, 2022.