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About Me

Here is Hanlin Cai (Lance, 蔡汉霖).

I am a senior undergrad majoring in EECS at Fuzhou University and Maynooth University (Combined degrees). Currently, I serve as a research assistant at the IIoT-Lab, advised by Prof. Zhezhuang Xu and Dr. Meng Yuan. I also spent a lovely summer research program with Prof. Pietro Liò at Cambridge University. Recently, I have been selected as an AAAI UC Scholar.

If you are interested in any aspect of me, I would love to chat and collaborate, please email me at - hanlin[dot]cai[at]ieee[dot]org

Academic Background

  • Sep 2024 - Future:Cambridge University (Incoming EE MPhil, supervised by Prof. Ozgur B. Akan)
  • Sep 2020 - June 2024: Maynooth University (BSc, EECS)
  • Sep 2020 - June 2024: Fuzhou University (BEng, EECS)
  • June 2022 - Nov 2022: Cambridge University (Intern)

Research Interests

My current research focuses on practical problems that artificial intelligence faces in real life. My interests are on the Machine Learning and its applications in Industrial IoT. In a word, advanced technologies like ML and IoT positively influence the life of everybody. I wish to devote my talent to this meaningful cause and bring well-being to society.

News and Updates

  • March 2024:Very excited to get a MPhil offer from Engineering department at Cambridge University!
  • Feb 2024:Got a MSc offer from the CS department of UCL.
  • Dec 2023:Very excited to be selected as AAAI-24 UC Scholar, see you in Canada!
  • Dec 2023:Got a MSc offer from the physics department of Imperial College London.
  • Aug 2023:Happy to be awarded the FEPG Scholarship.
  • May 2023:Happy to be awarded the XiamenAir Scholarship.
  • May 2023:Collected the Finalist Award in MCM 2023 (Top 1%).
  • Jan 2023:One paper accepted to ICAROB 2023, see you in Japan.
  • Jun 2022:Started research intern at Cambridge AI Group, advised by Prof. Pietro Liò.