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About Me

Here is Hanlin Cai (Lance, 蔡汉霖).

I am a senior undergrad majoring in EECS at Fuzhou University and Maynooth University (Combined degrees). Currently, I serve as a research assistant at the IIoT-Lab, advised by Prof. Zhezhuang Xu and Dr. Meng Yuan. I also spent a lovely summer research program with Prof. Pietro Liò’s team at Cambridge University. Recently, I have been selected as an AAAI UC Scholar. I will be attending AAAI-24 in Vancouver, please feel free to chat with me.

If you are interested in any aspect of me, I would love to chat and collaborate, please email me at - hanlin[dot]cai[at]ieee[dot]org

Academic Background

[Highlight] I am looking for PhD to start in 2025 Fall. Contact me if you have any leads!

  • Sep 2024 - Sep 2025:Cambridge University (MPhil)
  • Sep 2020 - June 2024: Maynooth University (BSc)
  • Sep 2020 - June 2024: Fuzhou University (BEng)
  • June 2022 - Nov 2022: Cambridge University (Exchange)

Research Interests

  • Internet of Everything (IoE)
  • Industrial Automation
  • Network and Cybersecurity
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • My latest research proposal 🔗

My current research focuses on practical problems that artificial intelligence faces in real life. My interests are on the Machine Learning and its applications in Industrial IoT. In a word, advanced technologies like ML and IoT positively influence the life of everybody. I wish to devote my talent to this meaningful cause and bring well-being to society.

News and Updates

  • Feb 2024:Got a MSc offer from the CS department of UCL.
  • Dec 2023:Very excited to be selected as AAAI-24 UC Scholar, see you in Canada!
  • Dec 2023:Got a MSc offer from the physics department of Imperial College London.
  • Aug 2023:Happy to be awarded the FEPG Scholarship.
  • May 2023:Happy to be awarded the XiamenAir Scholarship.
  • May 2023:Collected the Finalist Award in MCM/ICM 2023 (Top 1%).
  • Jan 2023:One paper accepted to ICAROB 2023, see you in Japan.
  • Jun 2022:Started research program at Cambridge AI Group, advised by Prof. Pietro Liò.