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Research Projects

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OpenIoT: Industrial Inspection System

Multi-objective Optimization Strategy Model (MCM-2023)

ResNet-AHP: Feedback ResNet-50 for TSD

CityManager: Community Monitoring System

Open-source Projects

FZU-Flying-Book 福州大学飞跃手册

This is the flying handbook for FZU students. Many outstanding graduates of Fuzhou University leave their unique experiences, valuable wisdom, and sincere wishes in this flying-handbook.

FZU-LaTeX-template 精美学术模版

Many elegant LaTeX templates designed for FZU students, including Beamer Theme Slides, Recommendation Letters and Undergraduate Thesis Template.

miec-lance 自动化系修读材料

This repo is where I keep track of my incredible journey at FZU-MIEC. You can learn RIDS & CSEE better by refering to this repo, but please do not directly copy my assignments, codes and any reports!