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Research Projects

RIGMS Testbed

Real-time Intelligent Garbage Monitering System (RIGMS Testbed) for IoT Cybersecurity Using Machine Learning Based Approach

  1. Responsible for the establishment and improvement of the Real-time Intelligent Garbage Monitoring System (RIGMS) Testbed for IoT cybersecurity research;
  2. Master basic machine learning algorithms, further explore the design of IoT cybersecurity algorithms, and apply machine learning approaches to prevent IoT multiple-mix-attacks;
  3. Until to now, have obtained a series of experimental data, and carried out corresponding data preprocessing, preliminary result analysis, and algorithm evaluation;
  4. Still under working that will be finalized in Feb 2023, and the latest manuscript can be found here (30th Dec 2022).

Deep ResNet for TSDS

Deep Residual Neural Network (RNN) for Efficient Traffic Sign Detection System (TSDS)

  1. This paper has proposed a deep residual neural network (RNN) model for traffic signs detection system (TSDS) research. Experiments are conducted to verify the feasibility of implement RNN model for traffic sign detection and recognition;
  2. Moreover, a new systematic analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method for model performance evaluation have been suggested, which is sufficient for deployment in the practical performance measurement of deep learning model;
  3. News! This paper have been accepted to ICAROB 2023. The manuscript can be found here.

Garbage Manager

Intelligent Garbage Management System for Urban Communities: Garbage Manager.

  1. Took charge of the software and hardware interface part of the IoT Monitoring System, thousands of lines of high-quality and efficient code writing, and the technical documentation preparation of this system;
  2. Grasped the comprehensive knowledge of IoT systems and learned how to connect software with hardware and how to use cloud computing to process IoT-generated data, etc.;
  3. Penned a paper named An IoT Garbage Monitoring System for Effective Garbage Management and will report on this project as a presenter at IEEE CENIM in Nov 2022.
  4. PDF, Slides, Talk (Latest update in Jan 2023)

Open-source Projects

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This is the flying handbook for FZU students. Many outstanding graduates of Fuzhou University leave their unique experiences, valuable wisdom, and sincere wishes in this flying-handbook.


Many elegant LaTeX templates designed for FZU students, including Beamer Theme Slides, Recommendation Letters and Undergraduate Thesis Template.


This repo is where I keep track of my incredible journey at FZU-MIEC. You can learn RIDS & CSEE better by refering to this repo, but please do not directly copy my assignments, codes and any reports!