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Swimming & Surfing

Swimming removes my worries, refreshes my body, and brings me courage to address any challenges. I extremely enjoy the feeling of being immersed in the water. Besides, I am a member of the Swimming Team at Fuzhou University, where I meet many sincere friends. I have reached China National Second-level athlete Standard in 50m breaststroke and won Five Gold Medals during my 10-year swimming career. Recently, I am also keen on surfing.


There must be something truly magical about standing on stage to give a fantastic speech, which considerably lifts my spirits and energizes my entire body. If you desire to master a specific knowledge in depth, just give a prelection. If you can explain to others for complete understanding, you are already an expert. I really enjoy the accomplishment of imparting my knowledge to others, so what I strive for is to be a student’s favorite professor at the best universities in my hometown.

Past Hobbies

I previously enjoyed long-distance running, vlog making, and computer game developing/playing. However, I have no time to do any of these things recently.

My Cat

She is my love. Her name is Qbao (Q宝).

Chat with me

Jan 2023: I have set up the online-coffee-time (Inspired by Shangzhe Wu). Welcome to chat with me!